Navigation Satellite System Receiver Market – Increasing Usage In Multiple Industry Verticals, Increasing Technology Advancements

Navigation satellite system is used to pinpoint the geographic location of user’s receiver anywhere in the world. Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) plays a significant role in high precision navigation, positioning, timing, and scientific questions related to precise positioning. The global navigation satellite system employs a constellation of orbiting satellites which are working in conjunction with a ground station network.

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The satellite based navigators use triangulation method to locate the user by calculating information from number of satellites. The satellites involved in the conjunction transmits coded signals at precise intervals. Then, the signal information is being converted into velocity, time estimates, and position. The receiver then calculates the exact location of the transmitting satellite by using this information. This is the process which a global navigation satellite system receiver follows for determining the exact location.

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Increasing usage in multiple industry verticals, increasing technology advancements, need for improving the performance in positioning solution especially in adverse environments are some of the primary factors driving the growth of global navigation satellite system receiver market. The other advantages of navigation satellite system receiver which are fueling the growth of global navigation satellite system receiver market include minimal environmental impact, additional revenues from value added services, and low transaction cost.

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The use of global navigation system receivers is being adopted by spacecraft for precise orbit determination without ground tracking. Furthermore, global navigation satellite system receiver is also used in photographic geocoding. The photographs taken by a digital camera when equipped with global navigation satellite system position data, it allows the user to lookup the locations where they were taken or to view the photograph on map. It is being observed that from last few years the youth is getting more attracted for wild life photography therefore this can be a good impact on the overall GNSS sensor market.