NASA to Send Probe Around Sun

NASA to Send Probe Around Sun


The scientists at NASA are planning to launch a probe towards the Sun very soon. The Parker Solar Probe will be armed with close to a 5-inches thick coating of solar shields made of carbon-composites. The probe will be travelling around the Sun multiple times and is scheduled to start its journey in 2018. The probe will be unmanned as it is not a journey any human can endure.

History in the Making

The 10-foot long probe will be NASA’s first ever attempt to get this close to the Sun. The probe will be built to endure extremely high amounts of heat and radiation, levels that have never been experienced by any manmade spacecraft before. The intention of the journey is to help mankind answer questions that could never be answered before. Not only can we gain more data on the nature and cycles of the Sun, but we can also generate valuable information regarding the role of the Earth inside our solar system. This will be the first ever unmanned trip made towards the Sun’s corona, or the outermost atmosphere.

The Earthbound Journey of the Probe

The spacecraft was originally called the Solar Probe Plus. On last Wednesday, the probe was officially renamed as the Parker Solar Probe in honor of Eugene Parker, a very important astrophysicist. The associate administrator for the Washington based Science Mission Directorate, Thomas Zurbuchen, stated that this has been the first time a space probe has ever been named after an individual still alive. The honor has been given to Parker on account of his massive and important body of work in the field of science.