Mobile Video Surveillance Market: The Growing Demand For Remote Video Surveillance Technologies

Mobile Video Surveillance Market: The Growing Demand For Remote Video Surveillance Technologies

Remote-Video-SurveillanceThe remote or offsite management of security has gathered pace in a number of application areas such as transportation, industrial, military and defense, and law enforcement. In various industries including energy and power, mining, marine, and manufacturing and construction, remote viewing and management of security cameras has gained traction in recent years, fostering the deployment of mobile video surveillance systems on an increasing scale. These systems enable the end users to view and monitor security cameras remotely from almost anywhere on a smartphone, personal computers, or tablets using a reliable internet connection. In addition, the videos can be archived for later viewing. The need for mobile monitoring and security in police cars, and drones has boosted the adoption of mobile video surveillance systems in various developing and developing countries.

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Various hardware components that are used in mobile video surveillance systems are cameras, video encoders, and storage solutions. These offer sufficiently high-quality imaging in a variety of monitoring environments, including rugged conditions in the transportation sector. Equipped with smart video management software and analytics, mobile video surveillance system helps to address several emerging security and safety concerns. In recent years, IP video surveillance through mobile devices has gained popularity in public transit routes. The adoption of these systems has helped in reducing bandwidth requirements and meet advanced requirements of live monitoring.

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The report offers comprehensive insights into growth drivers and challenges, market share of prominent segments, major developments in software and hardware, recent offerings of key players, and the competitive landscape. An in-depth and granular analysis of market dynamics and technological advances helps in identifying imminent investment pockets and lucrative avenues in various regions.

The growing demand for remote video surveillance technologies and systems for real-time monitoring and security at airports, commercial offices, public transit vehicles, warehouses, and homes is a key factor driving the market. The rising demand for scalable and smart mobile video surveillance solutions in a number of diverse application areas is a significant trend boosting the market in various regions. A rapidly growing number of commercial establishments and government offices are deploying mobile video surveillance systems for protection against fraud and terrorism activities is accentuating the growth of the market. World over, the mounting security concern, attributed to rising criminal activities, in police cars, trams, school buses, and drones is also bolstering the demand for intelligent mobile video surveillance solutions

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