Mobile Email Archiving Solutions

With more of us using our mobiles to access essential business information, together with the growing BYOD trend,  email management on mobiles is becoming increasingly important. Our smartphones are becoming key business tools but with this, there is a greater need for sophisticated email management, ensuring our emails are secure and safely stored, helping us to access our emails when we need to. So what’s the best way to manage your email on the move?

Email Archiving Solutions

Email archiving in the cloud can offload the huge burden of storing large amounts of data on a business’s technical infrastructure as well as enabling quick and easy recovery of email records or contacts. Add to this the ability to access the email archive via mobile and it’s easy to see why small and medium-sized businesses look for a complete and secure service offering. For most businesses it makes sense to outsource email archiving to a third party service provider who has all the tools needed.

Even larger firms are now looking to outsource email archiving to the cloud, as it makes good financial sense and the deployment is easier and faster than creating their own in-house solutions. The email archiving services market grew over 16% in 2013 and continues to expand rapidly.

Storage Management and App Performance

Using a cloud-based email archive not only frees up inbox space and clears the email client for priority emails, it also allows access to important information in just a few clicks of  a smartphone, even during traditional email outages. And by freeing up your phone’s memory and processing speed, all of your other apps will run faster, upping you and your employees’ productivity while on the move.

Data Security

Another important factor when considering email archiving solutions is security.  With many business emails containing sensitive information, it is important to find a solution that protects against possible security breaches. Outages, data leaks, phishing, spam and malware can all cause expensive problems so it’s important to invest in an email management tool that gives you adequate email security and quick data recovery in the event of a breach.

Unified email Management Solutions

Email archiving on mobile is probably best facilitated with a unified email management solution. The only one on the market via a single platform is that provided by Mimecast. Their software allows you to safely store large amounts of email and access your email history via your mobile – even when there may be an outage at your firm. As well as your email being protected, Mimecast archives your email, freeing up your phone’s memory and functions and keeping your inbox clear for important new emails. Mimecast will also provide the kind of email archive security every business requires in these days of numerous online threats.

So to be smart and feel secure about your business’s email, ensure you invest in a good email archiving solution for mobile. It will undoubtedly save you money, time and much heartache in the future.

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