Metal Cans and Glass Jars Market – Demand from Food Industry to Grant Sustainable Business Prospects

The competitive landscapes of metal cans and glass jars market in India and Iran feature stark contrasts in terms of bargaining power of suppliers and consumers. The markets, however, feature essentially similar growth opportunities and threat from alternatives such as PET and paper packaging, finds a recent report by Transparency Market Research.

The market for metal cans and glass jars in India is highly consolidated, granting high bargaining power to suppliers of both finished products as well as raw materials, and presenting intense entry barriers for new ventures. The glass jars market witnessed small- and medium-sized companies account only for a 23% share in the overall market in 2015. The top four vendors in the market, including HNGIL, Haldyn Glass, Piramal Glass, and HSIL collectively accounted for the lion’s share with 75%, of the overall market in the same year. In the metal cans market too, the top companies Hindustan Tin Works Ltd., Rexam PLC, and Kaira Can Company Ltd., collectively held a dominant 50% share in the overall market in 2015.

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Innovation is key to success in the metal cans industry. Companies in India and Iran are investing extensively on the development of products with features such as easy-open lids, which do not require the use of can openers, self-heating cans made from self-heating steel, and EZO cans that can be conveniently used by all age groups owing to their innovative packaging. These product varieties have gained favorable reviews from consumers, leading to considerable improvement in brand value for clients.

Metal and glass packaging have an upper hand to plastics when it comes to recycling. TMR analysts note that recycling and reusing metal and glass packaging materials and products are not only cost-effective for manufacturers but are also highly environmentally viable practices. Vast energy savings are easily achieved through recycling and reusing glass and metal packaging products. For achieving sustainable growth, raising awareness among consumers about these long term benefits of these products will have to be the major focus of companies in the metal cans and glass jars market in India and Iran in the coming years.