Medical Lasers Market Spurred by Rising Disposable Incomes in BRICS Nations

The use of laser technology is now commonplace in diagnostics, therapies, or treatments. Laser technology has advanced significantly that has led to its increased application for medical purposes. As a consequence, large numbers of procedures are carried using laser technology. The medical lasers types that are typically used, but are not limited to, are: Excimer lasers, diode lasers, gas lasers, CO2 lasers, dye lasers, free electron lasers, fiber lasers, and semiconductor diode lasers.

Medical lasers are employed in an array of medical applications, such as cancer treatment, dermatology, angioplasty, cancer diagnosis, lithotripsy, cosmetic dermatology, medical imaging, ophthalmology, prostatectomy, angioplasty, laser mammography, microscopy, optical coherence tomography, and plastic surgery.

Medical Lasers Facilitate Minimally Invasive or Non-invasive Procedures

Medical lasers have the advantage of small incisions, less discomfort, and faster recovery, all of which are the main reasons that drive the medical lasers market. The use of medical lasers is significantly beneficial for applications that are non-invasive such as skin rejuvenation and hair removal. The medical lasers market has been driven in the last couple of years due to growing consumer preference for minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures over traditional invasive surgeries for aesthetics enhancement treatments. In the global scenario, graying of the population is also opening up new avenues for medical lasers to be used for non-invasive procedures.

Laser technology has advanced rapidly in the last few years, making them suitable for safe, effective, and efficient alternative for skin conditions. Some of the other areas that are driving the medical lasers market are non-invasive procedures for fat reduction and body contouring, and other technological advancements such as Monopolar RF, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, Transdermal Focused Ultrasound, Low Level Laser, and Cryolypolysis. These are all being used for medical treatments.

Diode-Lasers Leads All Product Segment within the Medical Lasers Market

The product types segment of medical lasers comprises of solid state, diode, dye laser, and gas lasers. Of the medical lasers type, diode lasers and solid-state lasers have witnessed higher sales due to its application for hair removal procedures. The increased use of laser-based procedures for vision correction has driven sales for excimer medical lasers.

Among the application segment of surgical medical lasers, cosmetic dermatology will benefit the most due to its extensive application for skin rejuvenation and hair removal procedures. With further comprehensive scientific research, the scope of surgical medical lasers for medicine and healthcare is widening such as for microsurgical laser techniques to separate chromosomes and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).

BRICS Nations to be Looked Upon as Major Market for Medical Lasers

The continuous rise in disposable incomes in BRICS nations has made medical lasers treatment increasingly affordable that were otherwise expensive. The rising healthcare needs in emerging economies such as India and China will also propel the medical lasers market in coming years. The higher prevalence of chronic and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity in North America accounted for 35% share of the global medical lasers market in 2011.

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