Making Journalism Content Interesting Possible with Virtual Reality

Making Journalism Content Interesting Possible with Virtual Reality


As journalism touches new heights, new strategies are being implemented to make the stories more interesting. Virtual reality technology is one way by which journalists can attract more audience. However, according to researchers, this technology should be used in a limited way. This is primarily due to the stories’ credibility getting affected if virtual reality is used in high amount. A study published in the latest issue of Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking talks about how good quality virtual depictions and 360 degree videos may make journalism content more interesting and attractive. 

More about Virtual Reality in Journalism

Using a cardboard a VR viewer for watching videos provides a better visual depiction than looking at the same videos on a TV or a computer screen. This hypothesis was put forth by S. Shyam Sundar, the co-director of the Media Effects Research Laboratory, after collecting responses from various participants. 

However, researchers also have outlined a significant restraint associated with visualizing video-based material. This restraint deals with a negative effect being caused on the credibility a video’s quality due to over-usage and exaggeration of flashy elements. This may cause the portrayed news or a video’s context to be trusted less, after being presented to an audience, even though higher quality realism may be depicted. 

The study was mainly conducted by recruiting more than 129 participants. These candidates were either asked to read two stories in a magazine, use a 360-degree video to watch the stories, to use a cardboard virtual reality to see the stories. The two stories differed emotional character, wherein the study expected to get differing results based on this factor. After collecting responses from all the candidates, it appeared that the effects of immersive journalism were higher with the less emotional story, even after using the VR material provided. It also was noted that the VR set and 360 video setup had a higher demand, which has an effect on the recall quality of the story details.