Major Emerging Development Trends Of Software Development In 2013


Software development is constantly evolving with the evolution in technology and in fact, it has also matured in the past few years. The reason of so much development is because technology can never be stagnant. It needs to constantly meet the needs of the people associated with it. A software developer can never afford to be left behind. Moreover, he actually needs to be up-to-date with the latest development trends in the industry to be able to serve better. For a developer to reach the skies, he must take a look at the trends of 2013 in the development industry.

  1.  Cloud Computing

Most of the enterprises are embracing cloud computing today for conducting routine operations. It has made all the business processes more expedient and flexible. The year 2012 saw a high demand for cloud computing software and it is expected that cloud computing will burst in 2013 for its high performance. It is also expected to be taken to the next level. The reason it is so popular is its capability of functioning as an organizational model.


  1.  Location Based Computing

Today, we find every device integrated with GPS facility. This enables the mobile and web apps as well as services like location based computing to gain popularity they deserve. It is expected to rise even more in the coming year.

This progression also shows how important these location based apps are for small and large scale enterprises. It has been greatly accepted in diverse fields like healthcare, education, travel and tourism, hospitality and more.


  1.  Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology is usually used when you need to build software from the scratch or you have certain unpredictable issues coming up. This is going to be one of the trends in the coming year because, we know how regularly the business requirements change and we face uncontrollable situation. The irregular nature of software

development encourages developers to

Agile-Methodologyuse agile methodologies

  1.  Mobile Technology

Mobile devices have flooded the marketplace and the use of mobile devices has rapidly increased. More and more people are using mobile technologies to meet the fact paced world. More and more apps and software are being developed for the different operating systems that are used by mobile industry giants. The most common OS’s are Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, Blackberry OS and a few others. It has become essentially important to develop highly usable and rich apps and software for customers.



  1.  JavaScript and jQuery

We have always heard of JavaScript. It is essentially vital for desktop and tablet development. This is because of the successful release of Windows8. Developers have noticed that an amalgamation of HTML5 and JavaScript helps in good web development. jQuery is yet another development trend that will be seen in the coming years. It is a good programming language and will need basic mastering to create some good developments.


  1.  Responsive Pages

Responsive web designing is going to be the most important skill and every developer should know about it because of the growing popularity of internet usage on mobile devices. You should be able to design a page that is responsive to various resolutions and of course different screen sizes. As a developer you should be able to design a website that is suitable for all browsers and devices.



  1.  Python or Ruby

PHP is the most used platform among developers. It has in its true sense come a long way. Paving way through the development industry are Ruby and Python, which is further going to prove of great help. These are considered to be great web development platforms today. They are sure to take up a significant place in the list of trends in development industry.




  1.  HTML5

Another popular tool in the development industry is HTML5. The industry has experienced some great websites developed on HTML5 and thus more and more developers are using this tool to create some great websites. This is surely going to be the next generation development tool winning an identifiable place in the list of development trends coming up in2013.



  1.  Unit Testing

Unit testing is another trend that has gained immense popularity in the recent past. If you are developer and are not much aware about the functioning of Unit Testing, its time you learn about it. Well, it’s high time you understand that this is no longer a tool that was used by developers as fancy. It is in today’s development industry, exceptionally essential.

These are just a few predictions that we make for every New Year. However, there must be much more in stock for you this 2013. The developments and innovations will definitely make your wait worthwhile.


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