LSEV Represents Bolder Scale of 3D Printing for Automobiles

LSEV Represents Bolder Scale of 3D Printing for Automobiles


Polymaker and X Electrical Vehicle (XEV) have made an announcement in a joint press conference that they have developed the first 3D-printed electric car that is mass-producible. The 3D printing material firm had provided materials for different parts of the car created by the Italy-based electric car company named LSEV. Ideal for easy parking, the automobile carries the look of an around-town car. The anticipated cost of the car may fall somewhere between US$9,478 and US$10,000, depending on the site. While the speed range is said to be close to 93 miles per hour, the top speed is reported to be 43 miles.

XEV Reduces Plastic Parts and Car Components from 2,000 to 57

Polymaker is dedicated to developing functional and novel 3D printing materials, said CEO and cofounder Dr. Luo Xiaofan. The adoption of 3D printing in final stages of production could be inspired with the success of LSEV, said Xiaofan. The company’s LSEV collaboration could also contribute to the adoption, he continued. Engineering plastics and other high-performance materials have been gaining a rising demand with the growing popularity of 3D printing as a production tool, said he. However, rapid prototyping was one of the few applications of 3D printing in the beginning.

The automotive manufacturing industry could witness a revolution with the increasing usage of 3D printing technology. Larger fuel efficiency is considered to be one of the obvious advantages of using lighter-weight automobile parts. XEV had completed the new design of LSEV in months, whereas only the research and development of a model takes several years. Moreover, the car weighs lower than similar-sized automobiles, i.e. about 992 pounds.

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