Lipton Iced Tea to Get Color-changing Packaging, Thanks to Crown

Lipton Iced Tea to Get Color-changing Packaging, Thanks to Crown


Lipton is an iconic iced tea brand and a favorite of consumers around the world. Already enjoying a global presence, the company is now keen on updating its packaging to retain sustainable growth amidst intensely competitive business environment. With its contemporaries notching up their packaging quotient, Lipton has decided to join the bandwagon. Recently it has associated with Crown – one of the leading metal pack specialists, to introduce cans featuring thermochromatic inks.

New Packaging to Woo Consumers first at Belgian Music Festival, Tomorrowland

While Lipton will retain its classic metal packaging to retain its brand image, thermochromatic inks on cans will definitely up the ante of the iconic iced tea. This can however will be innovative. As per reports it will change color when chilled. These cans are currently developed for distribution at one of the most celebrated music festival organized in Belgium, called Tomorrowland. To keep the packaging trendy and in sync with environment at the music festival, the can will feature a strapline, encouraging consumers to “chill the can and see the love.”

Once the iced tea in the can reaches the optimal temperature for consumption, consumers will get to see the word “love” appearing on the can, indicating that the optimal temperature is reached, all thanks to the innovative thermochromatic inks.

In a statement the company released recently, Crown said that the reprographics team in their company is recognized around the world for their talent. The team can work wonders with decorative finishes. The same team has worked in collaboration with the Lipton design agencies to ensure that the impact of the inks is maximum.