Light Towers Market: Pin-Point Analysis For Changing Competitive Dynamics

Light Towers Market: Pin-Point Analysis For Changing Competitive Dynamics

Light towers is a part of a mobile equipment, which has one or more high-power electric lamps with mast. The light or light panel is attached to the mast. This mast is fixed or adjustable, which is attached to a trailer having a generator set to power the light panels. Light towers are used for illuminating the area of work, which is usually remote and off the main power grid. Generally, these light towers have lamps made of metal halide bulbs and the generator uses diesel engines for powering these lamps.

In recent times, battery-powered lamps, solar-powered lamps, and hydrogen fuel cell lamps are also being used as an alternative for metal halide lamps. The mast of the light tower can be fixed, adjustable, or inflatable. If the mast is adjustable, it can be fixed up to the desired height for a specific application or location. Some manufacturers provide inflatable masts, which are made of synthetic fabric cloth that can be inflated by blowing air.

Light towers are used for outdoor remote operations or locations that are difficult to connect with the main power grid. These operations involve construction activity (remote as well as general), oil & gas industry operations, mining operation, and emergency and rescue operation. Being mobile and portable, light towers can be moved easily from one location to another in an onsite operation.

Apart from these industrial applications, light towers can also be used to illuminate highly remote and distant villages. In this application, solar-powered light towers are generally used. Light tower units are equipped with solar panels as well as backup fuel generators. These units can provide emission-less, carbon-free renewable power to remote locations.

The ever-increasing demand for energy has accelerated operations in the oil & gas industry and the mining industry. This is one of the major drivers for the light towers market. Operations in these two industries are often too remote and they involve high risks. The oil and gas & mining sites, being away from the main power grid, generate power locally by using heavy-duty generators.

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The need for light towers in these operations is vital for illuminating any desired location onsite for any specific operation. Increased infrastructure activities such as highway construction, railway line construction and maintenance, bridge construction, and other civil activities is another driver for the light towers market.

Emergency and rescue operation is a major task of police, military, and firefighters. This operation often involves working at night in remote locations. Inflatable light towers may serve emergency & rescue forces because these light towers are easy to carry and operate.