Light-based Technology to be used for Assembling Electronic Components

Light-based Technology to be used for Assembling Electronic Components


A new method of manipulation that is based on light has been developed in a bid to facilitate mass production of electronic components for various devices like laptops, smartphones, computers, and many others. Introduction and implementation of faster and cheaper ways to make these components would thereby make connection of daily objects that spans from household appliances to clothing and internet to an advanced concept of Internet of things (IoT). This technique is also expected to come up with advanced charging and safer replacement of mobile batteries.

Advanced Form of Electronic Manufacturing to Favor Technology

The Optical Society Journal titled Optics Express has detailed this research with the help of the research group of Steven Neale. Optical traps that are used by light to move and hold small and fine objects in liquid are likely to be a favorable for non-contact forms of method for the assembling of optical and electronic devices. However, the liquid needs to be removed when these optical traps are used for the assembling of electronic components in the manufacturing process.

This new technique is believed to provide an alternative way of making circuit boards connecting the components that are found in most of the electronic gadgets at present. The process, however, needs a costly motorized stage that place an expensive robotic arm which is highly precise to place and pick up the tiniest of parts within the electronic device. These micromanipulation systems are priced high and the price continues to rise with the shrinking size of electronic products.

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