LG Launches an Incredibly Innovative High-end Smart TV

According to a recent news, LG has launched an innovative smart TV which is E7 OLED and has HDR 4K Dolby Vision. Technology has been constantly getting cheaper and much better as time passes by. In this advanced era, finding a decent as well as cost-efficient large-screen TV does not seem like a real difficult task to do. Most of all, there would always be a category of products for people who don’t feel satisfied with the “decent” category of products and prefer the best product’s category that the company would be offering. The recent advancement of the LG E7 that is a smart OLED TV could be described as an incredible innovation providing the consumers with a product which meets their wants and moreover is cost-efficient.

The first view of the product shows that LG E7 is an ultra-premium offering planned to inspire and impress customers. In an ongoing study by Future Market Insights, the researchers found out that there is increase in the middle class population who hold the capacity to purchase gadgets like Smart TV. Moreover, there is also increase in the evolution and advancement of technology due to which there is increase in the demand for connectivity, video gaming as well as personalized entertainment. All these factors are anticipated to boost the growth of the global smart TV market.

Holistic Features of LG E7

The design of the smart TV is termed as “picture-on-glass” which is definitely a work of art. The style of glass combines along with the supreme complexity of OLED for an image which would seem like floating in the air. The picture-on-glass design sets the incomparably lightweight, flexible as well as thin OLED panel alongside a simple pane of glass to bring about a sleek design. This sleek design would be sculptural, simple and moreover the very description of being innovative.

LG E7 consists of 55/65-inch and beside the infinite, there is inky darkness which is perfect black and the colors pop simultaneously having the images come alive. There are translucent borders and the device is incredibly thin together with the display part itself being essentially just a pane of glass. The TV’s bottom stores extremely minimal “smarts” and “hardware” and hold a thick portion consisting of 5.8cm which is 2.28inches. The innovative visual would simply blend with its ambiances as well as reveal nothing else, other than clean screen even when the LG E7 has its power off.

Uniqueness of LG E7 with WebOS 3.5

Apart from the above mentioned features, the smart TV can automatically adjust with the subject it is displaying, devoid of any user input and offers a 4K picture quality which is cinema-like as well as holds a true HDR. This happens regardless of the user opting for media by means of HLG HDR standard or the Dolby Vision. In the audio side, LG E7 has surround solution which is Dolby Atmos-powered and is compatible to the cinema-like 4K picture quality it offers. WebOS 3.5 is pre-installed in the flagship model and is the most approachable operating system for smart TV in the market which offers a consistent incredible performance along with zero lag or any other issues. The multifunctional remote controller that is also one of the most versatile feature of LG E7 that comes bundled together with the TV.

Only Sony’s A1E in the entire market can compete with LG E7 on the basis of color intensity and apart from this, nothing can be compared to this flagship model. LG E7 model displays the finest off-axis screening angles that present-day television sets are able to offer. This product is very convenience, meets consumer needs and most of all is exceptionally apt for large audiences. This innovation by LG is extremely unique and is incomparable, be it with regards to features or budget. Along with the picture quality of LG E7 which is ultra-premium, the audio also provides truly magical and immersive experience to the consumer regardless of what is being watched or played on the smart TV.

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