Layer Pads Market: Comprehensive Evaluation Of The Market Via In-Depth Qualitative Insights

Layer Pads Market: Comprehensive Evaluation Of The Market Via In-Depth Qualitative Insights

The global consumer goods market has experienced a drastic change over the past few decades. Globalization has resulted in an increase in transit distance for goods. One of the major concerns for the consumer as well as the supplier, is the safety of the goods during transit. Layer pads are corrugated cardboard or solid board grade protective items that help protect the product and ensure uniform distribution of weight during transit.

The preference for layer pads is high among suppliers, owing to the physical protection they provide, their customizability, enhanced protection with coatings for water resistance and the likes. The logistics sector outlook over the forecast period looks promising, with the volume of goods set to register meteoric growth. Hence, the global layer pads market is poised to grow over the forecast period.

The global packaging market has transformed over the past few decades, and so has the variety of goods that are transported over long distances. In a world, where suppliers are inclined toward using environment friendly packaging, the forecast period looks bright for the global layer pads market. The key factors that are expected to drive the global layer pads market are –

Customizability – Layer Pads can be die cut to adjust according to the product requirement. They are also available in a variety of corrugated material. One of the hot trends of the packaging industry is to customize product packages with high quality printing. Layer Pads can be high quality printed, and therefore, preferred by suppliers to help increase brand awareness.

Protection – Layers Pads have the ability to survive the entire supply chain, thereby reducing costs. They also keep the product stable, and prevent blade damage during opening.

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Recyclability – Layer Pads are 100% recyclable. Their preference is therefore, higher than that of plastic packaging.

Ease of Handling – Layer Pads are relatively lighter in weight. Hence, they help in reducing carbon footprint. They are also easy to depalletise.Layer Pads help give a clean look to the shipment, are reusable, and durable.

In addition, they are also an economical means of protective packaging. All these factors are expected to help drive the global layer pads market.

Although there are negligible reasons for a possible decline of the global layer pads market in the next ten years, there are some factors, which might prove to be a potential hindrance for growth of the market that need to be considered. The choice of packaging is expected to be driven majorly by their impact on environment.