Kosher Phone Market Key players include Samsung, Motorola, Telego-Wasam Inc., KosherCell, Mobile Unlimited, Mirs Communications Ltd

Kosher phones are modified to ensure non-religious information considered as corrupting the orthodox Jewish faith is censored. Therefore, these phones have no browsers and have very few apps. A kosher phone looks like an ordinary phone. It can make and receive calls and may have a calculator and an alarm clock. One of the important features of kosher phones is a rabbinical stamp. The phones cannot send or receive text messages, browse the Internet, or take photos. They exclude all activities that could potentially involve behavior considered indecent among Haredis. Kosher phones have been around for years like others religious-themed handsets such as the Mecca Phone, which allows individuals to carry out their prayers properly.

A kosher phone is a unique product for a unique section of customers. However, these phones offer potential beyond the niche market. The kosher phone is an example of demand leading the way for supply. All leading Israeli cellphone companies have assisted the powerful Haredi constituency by supplying kosher phones with cheap data plans that connect only with Haredi numbers. As key players have come up with kosher data packages, phone numbers have swiftly become a symbol of religious observance. Parents are often worried that their children will be blacklisted by the matchmakers or shadchan if they do not use kosher phones. Most users of kosher phones belong to the ultra-orthodox community. However, people from different walks of life are also opting for these phones in order to keep their children away from inappropriate content. Moreover, Haredi newspapers refuse to publish any advertisements with non-kosher phone numbers. Thus, the religious beliefs of the Haredi community act as a driver for the kosher phone market.

Kosher Phone Market – Drivers and Restraints

Key market players have now come up with koshersmart phones due to the popularity of kosher phones among the ultra-orthodox population across the globe, especially in Israel. The introduction of kosher smartphones is significantly driving the kosher phone market. Newandroid-powered kosher smartphones are used mainly by Haredi businessmen and managers as they require regular updates for work-related purposes. Several business groups are currently involved in the kosher smartphones initiative. In order to differentiate kosher smartphones from regular kosher phones, the voice call feature is not included in kosher smartphones. Hence, these smartphones are consideredas portable computers rather than phones. Unlike original kosher phones, which restricts messages, network servicesand any other external intrusions, through changes in both hardware and software components, the kosher smartphone’s prime abilities are neutralized through software version only.

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Kosher Phone Market – Segmentation

The global kosher phone market can be segmented based on supplier, channel, and geography. Based on supplier, the global kosher phone market can be classified into original equipment manufacturers and third party suppliers. In terms of channel, the global kosher phone market can be categorized into online and offline channel. The offline channel segment can be further divided into hypermarkets and supermarkets and specialty stores. Based on geography, the global kosher phone market can be classified into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America.

Kosher Phone Market – Key Players

Major players operating in the kosher phone market include Samsung, Motorola, Telego-Wasam Inc., KosherCell, Mobile Unlimited, Mirs Communications Ltd., Cellular Israel, and Partner Communications. These players have adopted many strategies such as new product launches, expansions, partnerships, and others to strengthen their position in the market.

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