Keep Your Personal Details Safe while Accessing Websites and Apps, with Polisis

Keep Your Personal Details Safe while Accessing Websites and Apps, with Polisis

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By now we all know that there are many websites and apps which are used to collect our personal data and then sell the collected data. However, users are unable to distinguish between authentic and those websites or apps which are actually created just for collecting and selling personal data. But thanks to researchers from EPFL, there has been a development of a program which can instantly tell you which website or app is collecting our data in order to sell it. This program makes use of artificial intelligence.

A team of researchers from EPFL, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the University of Michigan have developed a program which deciphers the websites data protection policies by making use of artificial intelligence.

This has been named as Polisis or privacy policy analysis which is a program that can be used absolutely free of cost. All you need to do is add it as a browser extension in your Chrome or Firefox browser or alternatively you can directly use this from their official website.

Polisis makes use of simple graphs and colour codes in order to show users how exactly the data is being used by the app or website. There are many websites which share geolocation data for marketing purposes and others which may not fully protect the information about children. Such clauses at deeply buried in the data protection policy which users easily miss. This program developed by researchers requires to be fed the text of policy, the software then scours it and lets a user know if a website is authorized to collect data and if so then for what purpose.