Justin Kan, Twitch Co-founder Unveils Tech Platform for Law Firms

Justin Kan, Twitch Co-founder Unveils Tech Platform for Law Firms


After co-founding startups such as Exec and Twitch.tv, Justin Kan is focusing on bringing technology to law firms. Atrium, a firm co-founded by BeBe Chueh and Augie Rakow, is going to use LTS for the first time. The technology will be launching today to make law firms technologically advanced.

Atrium, A Technologically Advanced Law Firm

Kan told that Atrium is different from other traditional law firms due to its upfront pricing and technology. Customers find it difficult to understand how much they will have to play while employing other law firms. Focused on everything from medical technology to autonomous cars to cryptography has 30 startup customers and provides two products. One in Atrium Financings, which is a fixed-fee service for new businesses or startups. Other one is Atrium Counsel, an ongoing service with upfront pricing and fixed rate.

Atrium has advised on about 84 million to its customers in financing, since June. Its customers include health care startup Notable Labs, cannabis startup Meadow, and Protocol Labs. Atrium’s legal team is also capable of helping startups with litigation, ICOs, mergers and acquisitions, and joint ventures. Being the first LTS’s client, Atrium executed all processes through LTS. Although Atrium uses technology for its processes, to provide legal advices to startups, company needs real-life lawyers. Till now, Atrium has eight lawyers working for it, including two co-founders, Chueh and Rakow. Chueh formerly worked as a litigator. He also co-founded Attorney Fee, which was sold to LegalZoom. Rakow was previously a partner at Orrick. Atrium is aiming to bring 50 lawyers to serve the company.