Its Time to Say Goodbye to Gmail’s Inbox App

Its Time to Say Goodbye to Gmail’s Inbox App


Google’s inbox app, a customized version of the Gmail app will shut down by the end of March. Google’s forgotten social network, Google plus will follow suit as well. The development is likely to cause soar moods among users.

However, Google’s official announcement is not surprising. Google plus had failed to generate buzz and fallen behind quickly to its main competitor, Facebook.

On the other hand, Gmail’s inbox was quite popular among users. The app provided a simpler and perhaps a cooler way to manage emails. It offered several breakthrough new features such as snooze, bundles, highlights, and reminders.

Google has announced that it will integrate several of the popular features with the normal Gmail app. This news should bring joy to the loyal users of the inbox, despite the uncertainty over specifics.

Gmail first started off as an invitation-only service. Since then, the Gmail app has become a staple diet for smartphone users. It has reached millions of users around the world and continues to show UI and feature improvements.

Gmail May Finally Bring Home the Bacon


The closure of inbox app is not a surprising announcement. Emails usually translated to a freebie for most tech giants, including Google and Microsoft. However, this trend will go out the window due to recent Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments.

Using AI, Google can read and understand billions of gigabytes of content. Its AI advancements puts the company in a prime position for capturing lucrative advertising revenues. Therefore, the death of the inbox app is a boon for Google’s business.

The shut-down move will likely lead to a better UI experience for users and more advertising revenue for the company.

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