Is IoT End-to-End Solution for Everything from Household Chores to Mishaps?

Is IoT End-to-End Solution for Everything from Household Chores to Mishaps?


Technologically driven era is remarkably changing the pattern of living that have been adopted by human till date. The main drive for this change will be ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’. Technology is now the driving force in almost all the sectors, where automation has influenced majorly the industrial sector. Now, the time is to inhabit automation in our homes, where everything will be interconnected justifying to the concept of smart homes. Where all the electronic devices will be connected at one device, thus from switching on a television to monitoring the room temperature or playing your playlist any time of the day all things will be a click away.

Cloud based ecosystems or devices connected through internet sensors are now having a strong connection between humans and technology. These devices help in predicting possible scenarios as they have access to various data and personal information. IoT offers many wonderful ways to secure homes through real-time videos captured on CCTV cameras that can be directed from remote locations as well. Automation will send alerts notification immediately if any intrusion is detected.

The daily usage chores such as refilling your fridge can also be alerted through automation. Home appliances connected through automation helps in conserving energy usage and enhance cost saving by minimizing wastage. Another way for getting smarter lifestyle that can be attained by integrating ‘If This Then that (IFTTT)’ module that allows certain actions to take place if certain set criteria are matched i.e. if the temperature outside reaches 40 degrees, AC will turn on automatically. These different types of modules will help in transforming urban area into smarter cities. As multiple labor work will be automated for instance regulating the wat

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