Is Desktop Computer Dead

I am writing this article on my tab while my friend Is playing a game on my PC i seldom use PC i do most Of my work on my tab have many friend who uses laptop Or tab and for that matter even Smartphone but they seldom Uses PC or desktop, so now the question arises with the rise In use of laptop, tab or mobile is PC dead?

Even though a lot of my friend who thinks likewise i beg to differ i think that PC market is still running strongly and will remain to do so in near future and here are my reason for believing so are.

It is easy to use

Yes it is by far the easiest and most comfortable device to use even a child is comfortable in using it(precisely that the reason that my child like playing game on PC) even i would prefer to use it when i am doing some official work Probably that the reason that still in offices most of the work is done on PC

Easy to Upgrade

I cannot change easily the storage capacity of my tab or mobile but can definitely and very easily bring an internal hard disk of desired Cap acity and increase the storage of my PC same thing goes for ram I can even increase the graphic performance on my PC by attaching an external graphic card and can play 3D games easily

Few Other advantage

  • The other advantage is the screen size while the laptop or tab can offer max of 14.
  • The other advantage is the presence of optical drive which again helps in a better multimedia experience
  • There are more chances of screen damage to tablet PCs than to laptops. This is because of the kind of input they take, with the pen device. You will need a special screen guard installed when you purchase it.
  • Desktop computers are generally easier, and less expensive, to repair.
  • Desktop computers have a lower risk of theft, which means less chance of losing your data and having to pay to replace your computer.


while the list of advantages of a tab computer may seem sparse when compared to a desktop computer, the deciding factor is portability. Being able to check email, chat online, write papers and play video games anytime anywhere may be worth giving up power and functionality. This is particularly true if you use your computer primarily for checking email. If this is the case, you likely don’t need all of the functions and the increased power of a desktop computer.

On the other hand, if you are a film student or an avid gamer, you may want to go with a desktop computer, unless you have the expendable income to purchase a high end laptop. So if i want to check mail or write an article when i am on go i can use my tab or laptop but if am in comfort of my home or behind my desk want to play game or do some power function i do definitely prefer desktop for me desktop is not dead and will never be

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