IR Emitter and Receiver Market: Rising Demand In Consumer Electronics and Home Automation

Infrared radiation (IR) is a kind of electromagnetic rays, X-rays or radio waves. This kind of radiation has been used in our daily life, however this is invisible to human eyes. Human can only feel the existence of this radiation in form of heat. Remote control’s infrared data can be received with the help of infrared receiver, and the received data can be uploaded through infrared emitter. Hence, the user can send the same infrared data into remote control’s button. Presently, IR emitter and receiver are in growing demand and the global market is expected to follow steep growth rate during the forecast period.

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IR emitter and receiver is an important part of IR sensor. IR sensors are able to sense its surroundings with the help of detecting or emitting infrared radiation. This kind of sensors are able to sense heat of surroundings as well. Presently, there is growing demand for IR sensors in vast number of applications such as radiation thermometers, flame monitors, gas analyzers, moisture analyzers, IR imaging devices among others. This kind of IR sensors have increasing demand in automotive products, healthcare automation, surveillance, gas and fire detection, and to check the quality of agrochemical products. As automation in different segments such as industry, automobile, healthcare witness rapid growth, demand for technologically advanced IR sensors witness steep rise also. Rising demand for IR sensors also increase demand for IR emitter and receivers during the forecast period. This acts a major driving force for this market.

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Infrared sensors have certain disadvantages as this is incapable of differentiating between objects that radiate same thermal energy level. Moreover, this kind of infrared sensors are very expensive. When these IR receivers and emitters are installed in automotive products, price of automotive products also rise. Hence, high price and technological limitation of IR emitters and receivers restraint the growth prospect of this market.

IR receivers and emitters have rising demand in consumer electronics and home automation. IR receivers and emitters are used in television, electrical appliances, DVD players, air conditioners among others. In present days consumption spending on consumer electronics is gradually increased and that finally broaden the market scope of infrared receivers and emitters during the forecast period.