Industry 4.0 Is Revolutionizing Business for Good

Industry 4.0 Is Revolutionizing Business for Good

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Industry 4.0 Is Revolutionizing Business for Good

Industry 4.0, the revolutionary collaboration between man and machine is going to transform business. At least this is what experts at Microsoft believe.

A new press release by Microsoft states that the world of business is going to witness major changes in the near future. Some of these changes are already revolutionizing business, education, healthcare, and manufacturing.

For example, people spend a lot of money for an appointment with a health practitioner. According to Microsoft, AI technology has advanced to a level where it can replace health practitioners in most cases.

So, we might excuse our friends from questions like, “do my lips look swollen to you?”

Digitalization is an important pillar for this development

AI together with digitalization can bring costs down to extremely low levels. For example, earlier rural areas often received sub-par teaching and educational resources. Now, advancing digitalization competence and advanced material will soon be available at fingertips for everyone.

According to a sales lead at Microsoft SA, Yesh Surjoodeen, the conventional cold-calling and door-to-door sales technique have already gone out of the window. He also believes, the manufacturing companies can no longer sit back and simply focus on supplying the products alone.

According to the press release, in the new manufacturing age, speed and personalization define manufacturing in a completely new manner. Additionally, using resources like 3D printing,manufacturers can simply procure the designs at a moment’s notice.

Similarly, due to lower infrastructure costs and higher productivity rates; many employers now prefer giving more mobility to employees.

Surjoodeen believes it is time for businesses to take digitalization seriously. He recommends businesses to see digitalization as a long term commitment. He also asks them to make a 10-year road-map to counter the looming challenges.

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