The increasing demand for online entertainment platforms such as Amazon Prime Videos and Netflix have supported the 4K content market

Global 4K Content Market: Overview

The horizontal screenplay resolution has increased to 4,000 pixels or is known as 4K. This advanced video technology is available in two standard resolutions for 4K content in digital television and digital cinematography. 4K resolution or ultra HD resolution is four times the standard Full HD resolution. Nowadays, ultra HD is leading the 4K standard in consumer media and television broadcasting. 4K is the dominant 4K standard in cinema industry for movie projection. As this technology provides higher frame rates and has better color replication with which it renders more real-life images. Moreover, 4K TVs are capable of supporting 10-bit to 12-bit color, which assists in providing a wider range of color availability and much vibrant picture and video appearance.  With such specifications, the global market for 4K content is expected to grow persistently during the forecast period between 2018 and 2026.    

The global 4Kcontent market is classified on the basis of application, component, distribution channel, and by end-use industry. Based on the component, the 4K content market is further divided into software, hardware, and services; the hardware segment is bifurcated into 4K content rendering devices and creating devices. The software segment is based on deployment, which includes cloud and on premise; and the cloud segment is bifurcated into hybrid cloud and private cloud.   

The report herewith presents an in-depth analysis of the market based on historical data, qualitative insights, and verifiable projections about the market size. To present various analysis and to make projections analysts have used recognized research methodologies and assumptions. Thus, the report is a collective representation of information and a repository of analysis for every aspect of the market. 

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Global 4K Content Market: Trends and Opportunities 

As the use of 4K is highly seen in entrainment and media including over the internet (OTT) services and cinema digitalization, recent technological advancements and innovation such as internet TV or IP TV are expected to create high demand for this market. The increasing demand for online entertainment platforms such as Amazon Prime Videos and Netflix have supported the 4K content market largely across the globe. Furthermore, innovations such as 3D audio technology, and live and immersive media content rendering platform adoption are projected to create growth opportunities in the value chain of 4K content globally. Growing demand for online streaming services is estimated to provide revenue opportunities for app-based and web-based service providers in this market across the globe.   

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