Third-part Developers Allegedly Receive Permission from Google to Scan Gmail Accounts

Third-part Developers Allegedly Receive Permission from Google to Scan Gmail Accounts


According to an international news company’s recent update, third-party app developers have been given the permission by Google to scan through Gmail accounts of users. Until today, the search engine giant has been assuring users of the security and privacy of their personal data. While it has not yet commented on the update, those users who have signed up for shopping price comparisons and other email-based services may have their inboxes scanned by scores of software developers. Even if the numbers of users of 25 email providers ranked after Gmail are combined, the latter would still win the battle with close to a 1.4 bn global users.

Email Data Only Provided to Developers Vetted by Company, says Google

As per the news update, Google does not take enough efforts to police developers who train their employees and computers to read emails of Gmail users. However, the search engine company says that it only provides data to those developers who have received explicit permission from users to access email and others whom it has carefully examined. In case of Google employees, they are said to read user emails only to investigate an abuse or a bug and for other security purposes besides in situations where the employees are asked to and give consent.

New features have been rolled out by Google so that Android users could easily review privacy and security options and navigate their Gmail accounts. Users are also enabled to find information on how to manage or access their accounts through a new search functionality.

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