Fired Techie Blatantly Supports ‘Loner Genius Myth’ in Memo

Fired Techie Blatantly Supports ‘Loner Genius Myth’ in Memo


In this age, job requirements like communication, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills play a crucial role in sustaining your career. Avoiding teamwork is nearly impossible- not just interdepartmental communication, but intradepartmental interaction is not just an obligation, but a demand, even in technical fields. The Google engineer who was let go a week ago, insisted on the patriarchal myth of the lonesome nerd in his memo. He states that women, being focused on feelings and aesthetics, rather than ideas, are biologically unsuitable to work tech jobs. He also writes that women have a stronger interest in people. He overtly encourages the frankly sexist myth of the loner genius stereotype of coding being carried by loner males who communicate logically only with their computers.

The outright support of this myth vandalizes the in a number of ways. The techie’s memo mentions that coding is about construction and analyzing systems and implies that it does not require empathy. However, industry experts deny this statement. An economic research finds that as jobs are advancing in number and wages, work needs to be balanced by both these characteristic features. Tracy Chou, former engineer at Pinterest and Quora says that working on a big software system involves hundreds and thousands of people working on the same code base. She states that each person is different and thus broader diversity and empathy can aid in working together as a team.

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