Improved Distribution Channel and Efforts by Market Players to Develop Innovative Products Driving Demand for Latex Pillow

Latex, which is the liquid found in plants such as puppies and sponges, milky in nature is used extensively for pillows and mattresses. With growing demand for sleeping comfort, the global latex pillow Market stands to benefit. The demand for latex pillows is increasing on account of its ability to maintain the position of neck while sleeping as well as they are odour free. Moreover, latex pillows are eco-friendly as they are made from the sap of rubber trees and this is another important factor boosting their demand, says a new report by Transparency Market Research (TMR).

The given below blog, answers three important questions regarding the global latex pillow market by expert TMR analysts.

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Q. What are the factors which are anticipated to pose a challenge for the growth of the global latex pillow Market?

What are the key factors hindering the growth of the latex pillow market is the lack of awareness regarding the benefits offered by these pillows. The prices of Contour latex pillows is high and this is major factor restricting the growth of this market. Another factor which is acting as a challenge for the growth of this market is the bouncy feel which latex offers. This bounce can disturb the person one is sleeping with, and thus many consumers refrain from opting for latex cushions and mattresses.

Q. What are the factors which are driving the growth of the global latex pillow market ?

One of the factors driving the growth of the global latex pillow Market is the growing use of pillows in nursing homes and hospitals. The overall increase in the demand for latex pillow from the rising population will also drive the growth of this market. The increased disposable income is also helping the market to grow. Manufacturers within the latex pillow market are launching new models and product so as to cater to different customers. Favourable initiatives taken by government are also anticipated to boost the sales of latex pillows. The improving distribution Channel, innovation in terms of new products, advanced technology, and rapidly increasing Urban population are some of the other factors helping the global latex pillow Market to grow.

Q. Which pillow type is witnessing the highest demand?

Among the various latex pillow type such as cylindrical latex pillow, standard latex pillow, Contour latex pillow, Rising preference for cylindrical latex pillow is seen. Manufacturers are innovating and developing 3D design latex pillows which is increasingly attracting kids and adults alike.