IBM Patents AI-managed Traffic Signal Control Technology

IBM Patents AI-managed Traffic Signal Control Technology


Artificial intelligence (AI) thinkers, who want to utilize AI for traffic management, have almost got the green signal. IBM, just now, got a patent approved for the development of AI-managed traffic lights. Marc Chacksfield of TechRadar stated that these lights will be controlled by cameras rather than by timers. “The idea is to have a computer evaluate the real-time flow of the traffic and then decipher the best method to manage the barrage of vehicles, which block the highways almost every day,” he added. There are a number of issues regarding traffic, such as weather patterns are not always alike. Also, pedestrian do not behave well always. The AI would be capable enough to change the traffic light sequence to permit the stopped vehicles to proceed safely, stated Michael Grothaus at Fast Company.

The patent, named “Cognitive Traffic Signal Control” was filed in January 2017. The application for the patent was stating a way for adapting the timing for traffic signals. The patent said that the present invention generally relates to the field of traffic control; however, particularly it is associated to controlling a traffic signal using cognitive computing that includes real time data at a juncture. The method includes receiving streaming video, identifying the traffic within the steaming video, calculating flow, and initiating an adaptation to the traffic signal timing on the basis of the calculated modification to the traffic signal timing by one or more computer processors calculating.

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