IBM Computer Smaller than Salt Grain Introduced as World’s Smallest

IBM Computer Smaller than Salt Grain Introduced as World’s Smallest

IBM Small Computer

IBM scored big on superlatives at the Think 2018 conference organized in Las Vegas while talking about the world’s supposed smallest computer. In HotHardware, Paul Lilly said you would need a microscope to have a decent look at the computer. The Independent’s Joe Sommerlad said that it has the same processing power as that of the x86 chip that operated previous IBM desktops. The measurement of the alleged smallest computer is said to be 1 mm by 1 mm. A number of transistors have been packed into a footprint that could be hardly visible to humans, said IBM Research.

Tiny Computer Costs Less than 10 Cents to Make, says IBM

One of the standout points pointed out by IBM is that the computer is an anti-fraud device. IBM Research head, Arvind Krishna said that he wants to bring the grain of salt sized-computer and blockchain technology into the perspective of uniting them against counterfeiters. He continued saying that tiny computers and ink dots smaller than a salt grain could be embedded into daily use devices in the next five years. Then they could be used alongside distributed ledger technology of blockchain to guarantee the authenticity of objects right from the time of their origin to when they reach the customer.

Lilly even went ahead to call the tiny computer a blockchain system in HotHardware. He also said that IBM looks at its computer as a data source for blockchain applications. In the next 18 months, IBM clients could be able to see the first models of the computer, according to the company.

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