Hyundai’s Tech Gives New Hope to Hearing Challenged Drivers



Drivers that are hearing impaired need much more than other drivers to worry, and Hyundai believes their new technology can make life for them much easier.

The Korean automaker recently developed a new technology for hearing impaired people. The company has developed a system that allows people with hearing impairment to interact with the outside environment. Hyundai has developed a concept that informs and attracts the user by stressing other senses including vision and touch. This is the city’s first ever system that has been designed to go on the road for hard to hear cab drivers.

How the Software and Hardware Work to Give a Realizable System

The technology uses a mix of hardware and software to recognize sounds and then to transform them into tactile and visual signals that the driver can easily read and comprehend. The system’s artificial intelligence scans the environment and examines sound patterns. The Audio-Visual Conversion (AVC) and Audio-Tactile Conversion (ATC) transmit information to the two separated drive assist systems that work simultaneously once sound is recognized. These systems enhance the sense of the world outside their vehicles by working together with the hearing impaired people.

The ATC system uses vibrators place on the steering wheel that respond to external noise, while the external sound of AVS is shown visually on the front display (HUD) of the vehicle with pictograms. Notwithstanding the physical limitations of the individual in question, Hyundai has given the opportunity to be like us.