Hybrid DDoS Protection Market: In-Depth Qualitative Insights and Historical Data

As organizations embrace, new technologies and applications become more distributed across diverse environments, enterprises face new security and availability challenges, including an increased risk for DDoS (Distributed denial of services) attacks. These attacks causes an online service unavailable to an authorized user by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. The DDoS attack uses multiple computers and Internet connections to flood the targeted resource. These include traffic attack, bandwidth attack and application attack.

Hybrid DDoS protection market are set of technologies that mitigate the impact of DDoS attacks on network attached to the internet by protecting the target and relay networks. The high demand for DDoS prevention solutions has encouraged vendors to introduce, cost effective hybrid solutions. On-premise, cloud-based and hybrid DDoS protection services are three solutions to address the threat of DDoS attacks.

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On-premise solution mitigates DDoS attacks at all layers, including network-layer, SSL-based and application-layer but unable to provide protection against massive volumetric DDoS attacks that saturate the internet network. In cloud based solution (either on-demand or always-on deployments), detection is done via remote monitoring of the internet link. Though this solution limits visibility into any DDoS attack beyond the network layer, the hybrid approach combines on-premise DDoS protection appliances and cloud DDoS protection services to provide a robust protection suite. DDoS attacks now employ as a combination of volumetric and application-layer attack vectors.

Organizations are rapidly growing their partnership and mitigation solutions across the globe.

The factors such as the need to mitigate increasing network and application targeted DDoS attacks, rising penetration of Internet of things (IoT) and connected devices, coupled with the surge in demand from small and medium enterprises are expected to surge the demand for DDoS protection mitigation market during the forecast period. Every sector including infrastructure providers, organizations and agencies, witnessed DDoS attacks, which resulted in vendors investing heavily in developing DDoS solutions. Moreover, security concerns are anticipated to drive the market growth.

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Attacks using dynamic IP attacks that challenge mitigation through simple blacklisting are now ubiquitous. Volumetric network-level DDoS attacks at staggering throughput rates are anticipated to open up ample opportunities to the hybrid DDoS protection market. Hybrid DDoS approach also features challenges if on-premise DDoS solution and the cloud-based DDoS service do not share protection policies and signatures in real time. This eventually takes a lot of time to mitigate a DDoS attack.