Huawei to Face Bans in Europe as the US Urges its Diplomatic Partners to Restrict the Chinese-based Firm

Huawei to Face Bans in Europe as the US Urges its Diplomatic Partners to Restrict the Chinese-based Firm


Chinese based telecommunications equipment manufacturers Huawei is set to face another major blow as leading European countries start to shun the company’s network systems over security concerns. Europe is Huawei’s biggest commercial markets and the company will face extreme financial pressures with more and more companies opting out of using its services. Some European countries and telecom operators have decided to follow US’s lead who has already banned the Chinese firm alleging that the company spies for Beijing. The move will also cost European governments dearly as Huawei is a major contributor to the development of 5G networks in the continent which will eventually form the basis of all the modern upcoming technologies in the Internet of Things, self-driving cars, robotics, and remote surgery.

Experts suggest that there still exists a difference of opinion between different governments and operators but the majority of administrators and regulators are in favor of shunning the Chinese-based firm. Also, European countries are expected to take note of US’s opinions who are continuously urging its partners to ban Huawei.

The US banned Huawei in 2012 after a House Intelligence Committee report divulged that the telecommunications manufacturers are a huge threat to the country’s security. The report urged the government and private companies to shun the use of equipment manufactured by the Chinese-based firm. The matter intensified after the US government arrested Huawei CFO Ren Zhengfei earlier this month. The telecommunications manufacturers were accused of flouting regulations that restricted firms from selling American technologies to Iran.

In a recently released statement, Alex Younger, the director of British Secret Intelligence or MI6 urged telecom operators to re-evaluate the use of components manufactured by Huawei in their networks. Younger’s warning was backed up by a statement from the British government which suggested that new shortcomings in Huawei’s manufacturing processes have divulged that using the equipment manufactured by the company exposes the country’s networks to new threats. Following Younger and British government’s statement, British Telecom announced that it will be substantially removing Huawei equipment from key parts of its 3G and 4G network systems and will employ the same policy while developing 5G technology.

Apart from the UK, a number of countries have urged telecom operators to stop using the equipment manufactured by the Chinese-based firm. Belgium, Norway, Czech Republic, and Germany are some of the countries who have promptly decided to opt out of using Huawei equipment.