HTML5 Website Development: A Glimpse Of Its Basics And Advantages

HTML5 or the 5th Generation of the basic HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language has emerged as one of the most potent tools for web developers, who’re looking at creating highly customizable and creative websites. However, if not implemented properly, HTML5 can prove to be a disruptive new technology that can even spell irrevocable disasters for companies. Read on to know more about the basics of HTML5, its advantages and a bit about why it has evolved as a blessing for entrepreneurs.

Getting Started

Work on the HTML5 Website Development had started in the year 2004. Those of you who aren’t yet aware of how it works, please take the trouble of familiarizing yourself with the same. It’s basically a language that aids you to add content on the web. It can be utilized to create an extraordinary content structure and establish a virtually enhanced interface whereby you can create a more legible website. HTML5 has a range of tools that makes it easier for developers to integrate fonts, audio, animation, graphics etc. Some of these tools are:

  • Font Testing Tool
  • Ajax Animator Tool
  • Audio Maker
  • 3D Sketch Tool
  • XRay Tool
  • Pattern Generator
  • Sprite Box Tool

Advantages of this Language

It has been hailed as a smooth transition from HTML 4 and is one of the most widely preferred specifications with brilliant video coverage and graphics. Both Mozilla Firefox and Google are promoting the technology widely owing to the fact that it is highly responsive having a wide array of features. The addition of the new syntactical features ensures that you wouldn’t be requiring APIs or other propriety plug-ins to add extra features. Here is more on the merits of this platform:

It’s Well Matched with the Leading Web Browsers and Smart Phone Apps

As already mentioned above, HTML5 is highly compatible with the leading web browser Mozilla Firefox. Besides- Opera, Google Chrome and Safari are equally supported by it. Additionally it’s much easier for you to access all the multimedia web content with the aid of smart phones.

It Allows Seamless Integration of the Video to the Content

Authorized users are allowed to integrate a video in to the site without taking the aid of Flash or any other third party plug-in. The video components can be structured very efficiently and without any hassles owing to the presence of different codes in this language.

It Ensures better Compatibility with Geolocation Application

HTML5 is a superior type of designing language that helps users to upgrade web pages as per the Geolocation application. Thus, tracking your website on Google becomes easier. If yours is an easily traceable site then expect it to be viewed by a greater number of users as well.

Ability to Use Supreme Quality Scripting Languages

This advanced website design backs supreme scripting languages and graphic illustrations as a result of which you can incorporate fancy but useful feedback forms in your site. It is not that difficult to change web content as per your commercial needs as well.

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