HTC One Smartphone Review – The Ravishing Beauty And A Handsome Beast

Starting off in good company of Sony Xperia Z, LG Optimus G Pro and the infamous Samsung Galaxy S IV, the HTC One is going toe-to-toe with these android flagships. The device will be available from April 19th on AT&T and Sprint at $200 with a fresh two year contract.

Here is an insight into this long awaited model:

The design and the built

The new HTC One is quite aesthetic and appealing to the eye. Its unibody casing is made of aluminium which gives the device both quality feel and a very cool, suave, futuristic look. The metallic body also fights fingerprints and smudges quite effectively. The phone is slightly heavy but not enough to make the user feel uncomfortable. Weighing 143 grams and 9.3 mm thick, it can still be grandly regarded as sleek. The back side has a slight curve which allows it to cradle comfortably in the palm. It is a little too wide and long though, because of its 4.7 inch large display and one can find himself struggling to reach from the top to bottom.

The brilliant display

The full HD display of 1920×180 is mind-blowing. It boasts of an unprecedented pixel density of 496 ppi giving incredibly sharp-screen looks. The Gorilla Glass 2 coating gives a remarkable sheen which is another welcome feature. This gives an amazing wide angle for viewing. The colour saturation is great with sharp contrast and brilliant brightness.

Buttons and ports on the phone

The standby and power switch is located on the left side of the top edge. As part of a clever design, it also doubles as IR blaster for the Smartphone; the other feature being the 3.5 mm headphone-jack on the top. There is a stylish and lightly textured volume control on the right side with the micro USB charging port with MHL on the bottom edge. The SIM card slot is on the upper-left side of phone and can be opened by a pin.

The phone comes laden with HTC’s BoomSound feature and has dual front facing speakers located above and below the screen. The phone’s capacitive navigation buttons are located just above the bottom speakers. Directly to the right of the top speaker, the 2.1 megapixel frontal camera is located.


The Smartphone is powered by a quad-core Snapdragon processor with a clock speed cycle of 1.7 GHz and is an absolute beast. All applications run exceptionally well including videos, games and apps. The processor manages to keep even the heavy modifications including hardware-intensive operations in operating system in check and there is no noticeable dip in the performance. The phone is available in 16 GB and 32 GB with the exception of AT&T offering the 64 GB handset.

Software front of The One

The one is HTC’s first Smartphone to run the new version of company’s UI Sense 5. Additionally, there are some minor changes to the android 4.1.2 OS. The phone comes with some preloaded apps mostly from Sprint. It also comprises of a universal TV/remote guide which works well on both cable boxes and television sets. Although taken majorly from FlipBoard, the BlinkFeed is still a welcome addition to the UI. It offers a lot of information and can be automatically set up over a WI-FI as well as data cables.

A big drawback to BlinkFeed is that it cannot be disabled. Also, its service connections are limited. Most of the apps like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn etc are limited as well. A major addition to sense 5 is HTC Zoe, imaging software. What makes it unique is that it generates highlighted reels, removes people from the photos and compiles multiple images together.


The most impressive part of The One is the actual hardware. The rear-view camera comes in handy in low-light situations. With HTC’s Ultrapixel technology, pictures in dim light are much clearer and with relatively low noise as compared to other Smartphone cameras. However, even with a 4 megapixel camera, the crispness of the pictures is a little low.

The battery life

With everything on the top-notch performance, you may think that the battery might be drained very easily but surprisingly, this is not so. It may not be the best battery on the market today but it is more than respectable. Keeping all notifications on for mails, Facebook, web browsing with video streaming, you will be able to squeeze just shy of two days out of just a single charge.

To sum up, you can vouch for the one to be the greatest effort by HTC to dominate the Smartphone market. It scores the least in terms of critical reception and is an early frontrunner for the year’s best android handset. With its suave build, the wonderful display and a solid camera, there is very little to dislike about the one.

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