3 New GSAT Satellites Launches by ISRO to Trigger High-Speed Internet

3 New GSAT Satellites Launches by ISRO to Trigger High-Speed Internet


Although, India is only the second among the countries boasting of highest number of internet users, it still lags behind several Asian nations when it comes down to internet speed. But this will expectedly change in the next few months with the scheduled launch of three new communication satellites—GSAT-19, GSAT-11, and GSAT-20. The Indian Space Research Station (ISRO) has scheduled to launch GSAT-19 in June, 2017 closely trailed by GSAT-11 and GSAT-20. With the unique reuse of multiple spot beams, typical satellite signals, these GSAT satellites will boost speed and connectivity.

High Data Transfer Rate of GSAT Satellites to be Game-Changer

While, the effective data rate of traditional satellite being clocked at one gigabyte (GB) per second, GSAT-19 is capable of transferring data at four GB per second, which quadruples the capacity. The data transmission speed is even higher for the other two. The GSAT-11 satellite, being considered as one of the heaviest satellites by the ISRO, can transfer data at the rate of 13 GB per second. It is expected to be launched in January next year. The GSAT-20 satellite is planned to be launched toward the end of 2018 boasts of 60 – 70 GB per sec, since it will effectively use as many as 80 beams. Tapan Misra, Director, Space Application Centre, which is a branch of ISRO tasked with developing satellite payloads, revealed these amazing data.

High-Quality Voice and Video Communications

The planned launch of these new-age communication satellites will herald India to a new trajectory of high-speed Internet services.  In the process, it will not only transform televisions and phones that use Internet, but all other facets of voice and video communication.

The number of internet users in the country is expected to surge to 450–465 mn by June, 2018 according to a finding by the Internet and Mobile Association of India. However India lags much behind on the list of world’s fastest internet connectivity, with average internet speed hovering around just 4.1 Mbps. The high-throughput satellite launches are expected to herald India to a new age of high-speed Internet, with several spin-offs apart from smoother internet connectivity and at low cost.

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