Google’s VR Footwear to let you walk boundlessly in the VR World

Google’s VR Footwear to let you walk boundlessly in the VR World


Ready Player one, directed by Steven Spielberg delights its viewers by giving them an overview on how future might look. There is something similar to that of an OASIS — a wide-ranging virtual universe, explains the publisher. Google has developed a Virtual Reality footwear and patented it. This footwear is driven by a motorized platform and is covered with a flex region at the bottom surface of the sole. With this virtual shoe, the wearer is able to walk long distances without changing the spot. Furthermore, the patent made by Google showcases that the augmented footwear will enable the wearer to walk normally whilst the wheels and motors function to assist the user’s natural movements. Hence the user can walk endlessly in the virtual environment and this can be done while they are on the same spot.

How does Google ensure the Weaver’s Stable Position while Using VR Footwear?

On the contrary, the virtual reality footwear can prove to be dangerous as the user of VR footwear, a human, tends to move and cannot remain at the same spot over a long period of time. However, Google found a solution by tracking the weaver’s feet in the same way virtual reality controllers are tracked. Adding to this, Google also stated that this tracking system will know when the user is in an unsafe and unstable position, causing the system to pull the user back to the safe spot.

As disclosed in the patent, the VR footwear displays normal wheels and omnidirectional mecanum wheels. The later would help wearer perform sidestep actions and at the same time maintain the position of the footwear. Unfortunately there is no clarification with regard to the stumbling of the person while using this technology-driven shoes. Google, as of now, has not been able to resolve this issue. Nonetheless, if Google successfully discovers a solution to this, then there is no stopping from people to buy virtual reality footwear. With the rapid adoption of innovative technologies, the experts opined that we might visualize a real OASIS in the coming future.

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