Google’s DeepMind Says Robots are Learning Adaptation

Google’s DeepMind Says Robots are Learning Adaptation

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Robots will soon become capable of human-like decision making. At least that’s what researchers at DeepMind, a Google-backed AI program believe. In its press release, it argued that robots can now replicate strategies used by human brain. These strategies can soon allow robots to understand wellbeing and adapt according to situations.
Currently, robots in a nascent stages of development as far as intelligent decision-making is concerned. Today’s robots can only make decisions using predetermined sets of data. However, infusion of recent discoveries from the computational neuroscience field, robots are about to undergo a transformation.

These recent discoveries include human brain’s ‘meta-controller’ mechanism. This mechanism allows us to alternate between various subsystems to carry out complex tasks. Another discovery from computational neuroscience field is an insight into the human pain system. The system allows us to take care of our well-being and adapt accordingly.
The researchers at KAIST argue that these strategies in the human brain can be used as principles to design robots.

New Research Could be a Boon to Psychology Field

This research can bring in great improvements in robots including greater efficiency, flexibility, and safety of robots. According to the researchers, it could be a boon for human beings well. The research team believes new robots could give them advanced platform to test important theories.

For example, there is a growing interest in psychological illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and addiction. However, it is challenging to uncover complex theories about their origin without an advanced platform like robotics.

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