Google Pay Send Rolls Out as Peer-to-peer Payments Service Integrated with Google Pay

Google Pay Send Rolls Out as Peer-to-peer Payments Service Integrated with Google Pay


Google is looking to make Google Pay, its digital payments solution, a one-stop place to ask and send money. In this regard, the search engine giant has integrated Google Pay Send, its peer-to-peer payments service, into Google Pay. It has also incorporated more features in the payments solution. For instance, just as Apple Pay, users will be able to take advantage of mobile ticketing for concerts, movies, and travel.

Under the new Passes tab of the Android app, users will find their saved tickets along with offers, gift cards, and loyalty cards. In a blog posted Tuesday, Google’s consumer payments and product management director, Gerardo Capiel explained that users could use their phone as a ticket which requires no printing when it is time to take their flight or attend an event.

Google Pay Synchronized with Google Account to Make Updating of Payment Information Quicker

With a view to ensure faster updating of payment information about accounts and cards, Google would sync Google Pay with Google Accounts. Capiel further explained that it would now be easier for users to manage their payment information on the web at or in the app, now that it is possible to use Google Pay with Google Assistant or on a phone, on transit or in stores, and on iOS or on desktop.

Followed by the U.K., the U.S. will first see the rolling out of the updated version of Google Pay. In order to create Google Pay, the company considered a combination of several payment platforms of its own, such as Google Wallet and Android Pay, earlier this year. The aim was to provide a unified and convenient payments service for users.

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