Google Introduces Innovative Technology for Journalists

Google Introduces Innovative Technology for Journalists

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Recently, Google has been coming out with a lot of innovations and new ideas to help the news industry to make use of the Artificial Intelligence. For this purpose, the company has tied up with the London School of Political Science and Economics, Polis so as to develop the project of Journalism Artificial Intelligence. This project is considered as a part of the Google News Initiative. This is likely to focus on the research and training for the newsroom on the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and journalism.

In the next year, as a part of the Journalism Artificial Intelligence, the company is likely to publish a global survey regarding how the media is presently using and is expected to benefit from this technology, as stated by Google at the Google News Initiative Innovative Forum. The Head of Partnership and Training, Matt Cooke at the Google News Lab said that they are also collaborating with academic institutions and newsrooms so as to design one of the best handbook and introduce a few free online training on the topic – How to use Artificial Intelligence in the newsroom for journalists across the globe.

Furthermore, the technology company after testing with the partners from the last few years has introduced a latest tool called as the Google Earth Studio. This is actually a tool for animation for the 3D imagery as well as the Google Earth’s satellite. The tool also helps the graphics specialists with the news systems for Google Earth imagery for the concept of storytelling. Google further added that they are inviting newsrooms worldwide to start making use of the product for the first time.

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