Google Denies Selling Facial Recognition Tech to Stop Potential Abusement

Google Denies Selling Facial Recognition Tech to Stop Potential Abusement

598521-facial-recognitionIn recent months, major tech firms are approaching towards the development of strong policies against facial recognition. Microsoft is leading the way on that front. They are putting stricter policies for greater regulation and requesting fellow companies to follow them. Google SVP Kent Walker confirms the company’s agreement for not selling facial recognition APIs. This action is expected to stop verbal abuse using facial recognition.

Facial recognition technology is regarded as a highly useful tool to find missing people. This technology promises to be a boon for applications in the near future. Google ensures that the usage of facial recognition technology will be aligned with ethical principles to avoid harmful and abusive outcomes. Unlike other companies, the tech giant has also declared not to offer facial recognition APIs for general-purpose usage. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has addressed the same concerns about facial recognition AI, which could be more dangerous than nukes.

Face Surveillance Product Violates Civil Rights and Liberties

Facial recognition technology is also regarded as a major threat to privacy. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) tech director has added in a statement to not let Google build or sell face surveillance products which harms civil rights. ACLU is also stepping forward to Microsoft and Amazon to not offer dangerous face surveillance products even to the government. American Civil Liberties Union has made this statement clear to the tech companies all over the globe. The Union has ordered them to own up to the responsibility of not making such products which could attack communities and violate liberties and civil rights.

Regulation of facial recognition systems could take some time to get accepted globally. Extensive work is being carried out on this front which promises a better future.

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