Google Cloud Collaborates with GitHub for Software Development

Google Cloud Collaborates with GitHub for Software Development

Google Cloud. (Photo: Twitter/@googlecloud)

Google has recently partnered with GitHub, owned by Microsoft. The aim? To develop an important element of software development that is modern and integrate their cloud offering for developers. This deal surfaced after Microsoft announced to acquire GitHub last month.

According to the announcement, GitHub, the software development platform will be collaborating with Google’s Cloud Built. It is the company’s new CI platform.

Melody Meckfessel, Vice president of engineering, Google cloud, wrote on 26th July that the system will provide convenient, frictionless, and fast continuous integration for repository on GitHub. It will be directly integrated into workflow of GitHub developer. This integration with GitHub will easily adopt CI to formalize changes by incorporating code often and early.

This brings a host of benefits directly from GitHub to developers. GitHub and Google are excited to collaborate to make CI for Cloud native application development easy. The feature to use Cloud Built for CI as GitHub workflow is only the start of partnership. They are looking to build more with Google in the future. They both have history of working with each other. Googlers have contributed to around 30,000 repositors last year on GitHub. Meckfessel said that they have shared mutual belief in practice and principles of open source and shared a vision of software teams and productive developers.

They have worked to improve protocols for Git clients and other projects. Microsoft acquired GitHub for $7.5 bn in June. GitHub platform is hosting a growing network in almost every country with 1.5 million companies I retail, financial services, technology, manufacturing, healthcare, and more.

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