Hyperscale Data Center Market Rising Demand for Higher Storage Capacities To Drive Industry

Hyperscale Data Center Market

MarketResearchReports.biz has announced the addition of a new research report to its ever-increasing online depository. The research report focusses on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that are poised to define the success of the global hyperscale data center market. The publication, titled “Global Hyperscale Data Center Market 2017-2021,” offers a fair estimate of the global market. It studies the historical events and the current market scenario to present the possibilities for the global market in the near future. Furthermore, the research report has been combined using primary and secondary research methodologies to ensure that the readers get an accurate evaluation of the key market dynamics.

According to the research report, the global hyperscale data center market is estimated to register a CAGR of 11.12% during the forecast period of 2017 and 2021. This steady CAGR will be attributable to the evolution in cloud computing and the growing need for data analytics in various fields. Additionally, the rapid growth in areas of networking, computing, storage, and memory resources is also expected fuel market growth during the forecast period. Several businesses are shifting toward cloud computing as it offers excellent cost-efficiency and flexibility in terms of operations. The vast storage offered by computing is expected to be its unique selling point that will drive market growth.

The demand for hyperscale data centers is anticipated to soar as these customized data centers are capable of storing larger volumes. The growing need of big data analytics that will cater to the needs of various enterprises is expected to the fundamental driving factor for the global market. Furthermore, rising awareness about benefits of using new and improved hyperscale data centers as compared to traditional services is also supporting market growth. The new data centers eliminate the need for extensive management, thereby bringing down the cost of equipment such as hot-swappable hardware and storage networks.

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Hyperscale data centers also offer scalability for topnotch performance, better capacity, and increased throughput. The products available in the global market are also known for protected data storage, duplicated bulk storage, high capacity, and storage space for low database transactions.

In terms of regions, the global hyperscale data center market is segmented into the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa. Of these, North America is expected to lead the pack during the forecast period. Higher investments in technology, initiatives to lower operation costs, and better rate of development are anticipated to drive their regional market. On the other hand, Asia Pacific is also anticipated to be one of the leading regions in the global market due to emerging economies that are investing better IT technologies.

In the final chapter of the research report, the analysts provide a detailed summary of the competitive landscape. Major companies such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Google, Baidu, China Telecom, CyrusOne, China Unicom, Digital Realty, Global Switch, OVH, and Equinix have been profiled in the publication. The research report provides an in-depth evaluation of the financial outlook of these companies, an assessment of their research and development activities, and their business and marketing strategies for the forecast period. These companies are expected to make significant investments in improving their products and services. Furthermore, greener initiatives to ensure less energy consumption are also expected to define the trajectory of these players in the coming years.

The research report includes an assessment the threat new players pose to the global market. It also offers comments and recommendations as stated by market experts in the research report. All in all, the publication intends to provide verifiable projections for the global hyperscale data center market during the forecast period through quantitative and qualitative analysis.