Get Privacy Policy for Your Mobile Apps

What actually happens most of the times is that people take policy and legal documentation methods very lightly. These are mostly looked after the development process is over. However, privacy policy and legal documentation is something that is need of the hour and should be included in the development process after the design has been conceptualized. Although, all of this just appears to be something that can be added at the last minute, it is actually one of the most vital components that businesses need today.

Every company will have a different privacy policy. Moreover, there are several ways in which the legal documents or any missing clause can cause harmful damage to your company. And, there have been so many successful mobile apps which have had to face some legal issues and fines because of the missing clause in their privacy policy.

You may have come across several notifications on how companies land up in miserable situations because of privacy policies. Just a few months back, some social app builder was fined with $1 million for violating the privacy. Well, to provide you the details, it actually stemmed up because

  1. The company stored third-party names and contact details from users’ address books, without appropriate disclosure;
  2. The company failed to abide by the provisions of COPPA.

Therefore, it clearly states that if you store or reach out to the contact details of your users, it is necessary to either notify them or not store the information at all. If you want to store the info, you must give an explanation for the same, at the same time, you must also explain this in your privacy policy. However, there is much more.


This is a new concept developed by the FTC and it has been pushing companies to used privacy by design approach to make privacy policy. What this actually states is that the companies need to have a privacy policy build at every stage during the development. Therefore, you must think of all the implications related to privacy before you build your app. You must also ensure that all the information that you collect from your users is completely protected. Moreover, you must follow the

  • If you collect information, protect it. Follow the security recommendations of the FTC and be careful while promising or making generic reassuring statements;
  • Keep your policy up to date! Make sure you have every new update you rolled out, on your privacy policy section.

Get a Privacy Policy which is Accessible from App Store

There is an easy way to get a privacy policy which is accessible from your app store. All you need to do is link the policy during your app submission. However, it should be live on your website in full text. No short statements are accepted. There are many sources that help you create a good and authentic privacy policy, even if you need to get it done from the scratch.

What You Need to know about the legal implications

All you need is giving your disclosures and obtaining affirmative express consent when collecting sensitive information from outside the platform’s API. There is a notification popped by iOS to request access to user’s location. Here, the consent is taken by Apple. However, you might have something else, something important collected by your app. During such times, it is better to let the user know. Well, there are certain things you must ask yourself before you draft the privacy policy of your app. This will determine your legal responsibilities and ensure that you completely understood things to the core.

  • Are there security vulnerabilities known to the SDK and/or library?
  • Have the policies and setting been tested in real world?
  • Have problems been reported by other developers?


Whether you have a popular app, running since a long time, or have a newly built app, it is important for you to have an appropriate privacy policy for your app. This can eliminate and also protect you from a lot of harmful problems. This is just a brief presentation of importance of privacy policy, however, there are many more sources available which can guide you along the way.

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