Garbage Bag Market: Growing Environmental Concerns Driving Demand

Garbage Bag Market: Growing Environmental Concerns Driving Demand


A recent report from Transparency Market Research (TMR) suggests that the global garbage bag market will continue to expand at a strong CAGR during the forecast period of 2016 to 2023, primarily owing to the factors such as increasing disposable income among the urban populations across the world, and growing environmental concerns. The report, titled “Garbage Bag Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016 – 2023,” provides exhaustive analysis of all factors that may influence the demand for garbage bag in various geographical regions, and estimates the future scenario. To gauge the potential of smaller aspects, the market has been segmented on the basis of product, application, or end-users, and profiles a number of leading vendors in order to understand the competitive landscape.

The TMR report takes note of the evaluations provided by the World Bank, which has detected that on an average, each person in the urban parts of the world produces nearly 1.2 kg of waste or garbage every day. And this average if escalating quickly too. Currently, about 7.4 million tons of garbage waste is produced across the world, mainly coming from households, market places, restaurants, offices, schools, commercial complexes, agriculture, and various end-use industries. Garbage bag are flexible material that can be used to collect, store, dispose waste materials, with swift handling. Garbage bag also has widespread application in the transportation industry. These are the primary factors driving the demand in the global garbage bag market.

The advent of degradable polythene is one trend that is expected to prove to be a boon for the market for garbage bag. These bags are low cost, offer hygiene, durable and portable, resistive to air and water, and meet USDA and FDA guidelines for environmental protection. Offered in various colors as well as transparent, and sizes to meet the requirement.

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On the basis of material, the global garbage bag market can be segmented into linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), low-density polythene (LDPE), medium density polythene (MDPE), linear blend polythese, biodegradable polythene, degradable polythene, and woven polypropylene. Based on size, the market for garbage bag can be categorized into 25 liters, 35 liters, 50 liters, and above, while end-users of this market can be classified into consumer and industrial. Geographically, North America is the most lucrative region, although emerging economies in Asia Pacific, such as India and China that have vast population base, are expected to escalate the demand for garbage bag quickly during the forecast period.

International Plastics, Berry Plastic Corporation, Allied Plastics, Clorox Australia Pty Limited, Heyuan Ruijian Plastic Products Co., Ltd., Cosmoplast, Luban Pack, Novplasta, S.R.O., Terdex, and Kemii Garbage Bag Co. Ltd. are some of the prominent companies operating in the global garbage bag market. The vendors of this market are continuously evolving new products that offer enhanced odor control and other benefits in order to stay ahead of the competition.