Gable Top Liquid Cartons Market: Uncoated Paperboard Material to Generate Significant Revenues

Gable Top Liquid Cartons Market: Uncoated Paperboard Material to Generate Significant Revenues

Growing need for safe transportation of beverage products has led to a surge in demand for the gable top liquid cartons globally. In addition, demand for unbleached and premium quality beverage cartons is projected to impact growth of the global market positively. Transparency Market Research states that the global gable top liquid cartons market is projected to register a CAGR of 5.7% over the forecast period, 2017-2026.

Growth of the global gable top liquid cartons market is mainly bound to various macro-economic and micro-economic factors. As need for contamination proof packaging of beverage products arises, manufacturing companies prefer adopting smart and intelligent packaging techniques. Beverage packaging products that accommodate premium and unbleached printing quality continues to witness much demand in the packaging industry. Demand for packaging liquid products such as edible oil, milk, egg yolk, wine, cream, yoghurt and juices has propelled adoption of the smart packaging techniques significantly.

A recent trend witnessed among manufacturers is the increasing adoption of ‘active packaging’ techniques that enable the end users to manipulate and sense the packaging environment. Adoption of active packaging techniques helps in retaining the microbiological qualities of the content packaged. With the growing need to track and maintain the temperature of beverage products packaged, manufacturers are increasingly integrating intelligent packaging techniques that senses and indicates changes in the packaging environment. Surge in demand for beverage packages equipped with features that enable communication, convenience, protection and contamination is projected to fuel demand for the beverage packages significantly. As manufacturers focus on incorporating intelligent and active packaging techniques in the beverage packages, sales of gable top liquid cartons is projected to increase significantly.

Imposition of regulations by the governing authorities in various countries will continue to rev up demand for gable top liquid cartons in the global market. Government regulations imposed is further pushing the manufacturing companies to develop packaging products in line with environmental recycling targets. Bound to these benefits, adoption of the gable top liquid carton continues to remain high in the global market.

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Unlike the plastic bottles, cartons composed of paperboard also enables effective brand recognition and allows more potential for printing graphics on the beverage cartons. With the increasing demand for the premium quality designs and flexography in the packaging products, sales of the gable top liquid cartons will continue to increase positively. Companies operating in the global market of gable top liquid cartons are focusing on implementing various strategies such as product development and innovation.

In order to develop enhanced products, the manufacturing companies are increasingly incorporating leading technology that ensure protection from contamination and extreme temperature. Moreover, growing need to develop environment friendly packaging products is further expected to impact the global market growth of gable top liquid cartons globally. As the gable top liquid cartons are produced with high-quality long fibers, these packages can be conveniently recycled. Such factors will continue to fuel the global market growth of gable top liquid cartons during the forecast period.