Future of Technology and its Unpredictability with Warren Buffet

Future of Technology and its Unpredictability with Warren Buffet


Warren Buffett broadly said that it’s substantially simpler to tell what will happen, as opposed to when it will happen. The greater part of us who have been contributing have encountered this direct. From this basic perception it takes after that contributing procedures in light of making sense of `what will happen’ will have a higher achievement rate than those in view of when it will happen.

A couple of days prior, the immense financial specialist held a more than two hour Q&A session for undergrads. Not at all like the more celebrated shareholders meet of the respective holding company which is Berkshire Hathaway and was charged with soft and hard questions. There were challenging questions as well as most of them dealt with fields that were technology related and that has always been one of the weak points of Berkshire Hathaway. However, Buffet’s response to all the questions somehow managed to inject some sanity the common hyperbole that always surrounds any talk that is related to future technology developments.

What were the focuses of the discussion?

In spite of having been watchful for such prospects, Berkshire missed all of them. Mr. Warren Buffett talked about missing the chance to put resources into Google around the time it IPO’d in 2004.He said he understood that it was an astonishing business however some way or another didn’t put resources into it. The automatic response would be that it was a misstep. On the off chance that one takes after the basic rule of never putting resources into what one doesn’t comprehend, it was the correct choice. It’s not as though Berkshire fizzled. It’s up there as a standout amongst the best speculation organizations ever, with the main tech-four being more important than it.