Flow Meters Market – Water Management Holds Key Opportunities

The global market for flow meters is fairly consolidated, finds Transparency Market Research (TMR) in a new study. About a quarter of the market was taken up by regional players in 2014. Badger Meter, Inc., Siemens AG, and ABB Ltd. were the top three manufacturers of flow meters in 2014. Their collective share in the market’s total valuation was 63.7% in 2014. Most flow meters manufacturers are being pulled towards the lucrative opportunities available in wastewater management. This applies especially to the regions of Europe and Asia Pacific.

From a competitive perspective, TMR states that the flow meter makers need to focus on how they can make their products cheaper and more accurate. Key players are already introducing advanced technologies that offer more accurate results than their predecessors. As a result, innovation is an absolute necessity to stay alive in this market.

Key players are also looking to expand their regions of operations by forming mergers and acquiring regional players from the fragmented section of the market.

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Water Management, Petrochemical Industries Look for Smart Flow Meters for Improving Process Efficiencies

“Flow meters are a key requirement in petrochemical industries,” states a TMR analyst. “They are needed in interwell allocations, water discharge, custody transfer, gas flaring, and other minor processes. The improvements in flow meters will help the petrochemical and refining industries in two key ways: they will firstly improve the output efficiency of the petrochemical plant, and reduce the discharge of harmful chemicals and toxins into the environment.”