Flight Testing by Flying Car Startup Backed by Google

Flight Testing by Flying Car Startup Backed by Google


Flying cars have been a matter of discussion for a long while now, and people are anticipating the cluttering of the aerial dimension with these flying cars. It is expected that the consumers would readily accept flying cars, and the market already has a large consumer base waiting to buy flying cars. A startup backed by Google is on the verge of launching its flying cars and has already tested its first set of flights on buyers. The company that is making this revolutionary advancement originated in California and has been testing the efficiency of its model in New Zealand.

Details of Test Flight

Although a number of questions remain unanswered with regards to the flight cars, several images of the test flight were released at a website launched by the company. Furthermore, CNN also covered the testing event and a reporter was seen communicating from a flight that was crossing over a lake near Las Vegas. Several other details were also available through CNN including internet-synced eyewear and self-driving cars. One of the spokesperson for the company stated that their aim is to ensure that more and more people get first-hand experience of future vehicles.

Future of Flying Cars

Despite the presence of visible hindrances to the popularity of flying cars, the craze amongst the people about their launch is commendable. The training facility launched by the startup is meant to accustom people to the flying experience. Inviting Media persons, customers, community, members, and influencers is the prime focus of the training camps, stated one of the company’s spokespersons.