Finnish Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Innovation Gaining Global Attention

Finnish Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Innovation Gaining Global Attention


Kotkamills, a Finnish paper mill, has produced a 100% renewable and disposable paperboard, which is drawing worldwide attentions. Owing to its grease and moisture resistant properties as well as recyclability, this paperboard is gaining quick response from various investors. 

Sustainable food packaging are attracting the market numbers due to growing awareness concerning environment. Innovations are playing key roles in producing techniques that lead to qualitatively superior and yet environment-friendly packaging methods. 

Eco-friendliness Nature Gaining More Interests

A paper and wood producer from Finland, Kotkamills, has started to use a new type of plastics-free paperboard, which is being used for food packaging. Markku Hämäläinen, the Director at Kotkamills, says that for fast food packaging, fluorochemicals are still widely used although they have the potential to cause harmful diseases including various kinds of cancers.  Paperboards, created by Kotkamills go through a manufacturing process which eliminates the need of fluorochemicals. 

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Companies from England, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and Finland are showing interest in this new grade of paperboard and have already ordered 300 tons of paperboard. Kotkamills has also created a new type of coffee cup, which is disposable and 100% recyclable. It has passed all the tests and is now waiting for the certification approval.

A few of the coffee cups created by Kotkamills are tested by a Finnish broadcasting company, Yle. The cups passed the tests and held their size and shape for every beverage except spirits. The CEO of Kotkamills shared that no other type of paperboard can store drinks in cups like this paperboard saved for hours at a time.