Fax Machines at Your Office May Be The New Target For Hackers

Fax Machines at Your Office May Be The New Target For Hackers


Scientists at Nasdaq-reported Check Point Software Technologies said that fax machines — which still live in numerous workplaces — have genuine security issues. Those vulnerabilities could possibly enable an aggressor to take touchy documents through an organization’s system utilizing only a telephone line and a fax number. The discoveries were exhibited Sunday at the Def Con programmers’ meeting.

The examination exhibited vulnerabilities in the HP Officejet Pro All-in-One fax printers. Similar conventions likewise are utilized by numerous other merchants’ faxes and multi-work printers, and in online fax administrations, for example, fax2email, “so it is likely that these are additionally powerless against assault by a similar technique,” as indicated by Check Point.

The vulnerabilities enable programmers to code malware into the fax document. Once the machine gets the record, it translates it and transfers it to its memory. Malware could conceivably rupture touchy data or upset systems to which the fax machine is associated. HP settled the powerlessness before the report was distributed, however the scientists said across the board printers from different organizations could in any case have comparative security imperfections.

Check Point exhorts that the associations check for firmware refreshes and apply them quickly. IT chiefs should put the fax machine on a safe system fragment isolate from servers and applications that convey private or touchy information.

Following disclosure of the vulnerabilities, Check Point imparted the discoveries to HP, which built up a product fix for its printers.

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