Fast Operating Speed Makes Tamper Evident Labeler Highly Efficient

Fast Operating Speed Makes Tamper Evident Labeler Highly Efficient


LSS Labelling systems Scandinavia is reportedly launching a new Tamper Evident labelling machine through Pharmapack in February this year in Paris.  This labelling system, which is planned to be unveiled at the Novexx Solutions booth, is highly innovative and is expected to receive a high number of sales. The system manufactured by labelling specialists LSS from Denmark conforms to the European Falsified Directive (FMD). A significant part of this directive deals with the necessity of security against tampering of the labelled cartons. 

Tamper Evident Labelling Machine Specifications

With respect to functions, the Tamper Evident labeler’s main function is to effectively seal cartons, boxes and any other similar container-based objects. With this machine, one even has the option to attach a particular printer and vision system belong to any other. These systems can be properly integrated in the main machine, so that every object used for packaging is provided with a unique identification signature. This number is very important from the perspective of tracking and tracing, as well for inventorying needs. 

The LSS manufactured Tamper Evident Labeller has a capacity of labelling at least 300 carton per minute. The machine can label cartons having a width ranging from 50mm to 220 mm in width, height ranging from 15mm to 120mm, and lengths varying from 40m to 120mm. One can apply both transparent as well as non-transparent labels on cartons and boxes with the help of the machine. Before placing any packaging object in a designated space, the carton’s position as well as length is needed to be entered in the machine. One can even pause, stop, or restart the labelling process at a desired time, without affecting the labelling efficiency. Compared to the labelling system, the Tamper Evident is substantially smaller, and hence can fit in production areas with ease. From an overall perspective, the Tamper Evident Labeller takes minimum time required to label a batch of packaging units, along with better efficiency.

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